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Evidence-Based Fair Market Value Calculations

Like any physician, value and compensation for anesthesiologists should be tied to productivity, based on hard data not soft assumptions. Encounters or RVUs alone are inadequate to value a specialty that doesn’t directly control volume. Let us use our wealth of published and proprietary data/benchmarks to demonstrate that workload and compensation should be commensurate.

Anesthesia Stipend Analysis

Whether you have an existing anesthesia stipend arrangement in place, or if you are contemplating a re-assessment of the amount now paid, we can help evaluate the wide number of variables that drive this amount: productivity, billing operation performance, payor mix, OR utilization, fair market value compensation, call obligation and paid time off, then craft a reasonable solution that makes sense to both the hospital and the anesthesiologists.

All Physician vs. Care Team

Every anesthesia care delivery model has undeniable advantages and disadvantages. But with cost pressures only likely to increase in coming years, many formerly all physician anesthesia groups have successfully integrated physician extenders (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and, where licensed, Anesthesia Assistants) into their practice. Our lack of bias toward any model favoring anesthesiologists or extenders allows us to objectively evaluate whether an anesthesia care team model might be more cost effective than an all-physician model, and our years of experience with both models enables us to provide a "road map" to anesthesiologists and hospitals contemplating such a change.

Transitions to Anesthesia Employment Models

In the face of escalating financial underwriting needs of private practice anesthesia groups, many hospitals are electing to employ their independent anesthesia providers. Before making that transition, we can identify what business elements of the private practice need improvement. So, before transitioning a broken staffing or business model into the larger organization, let us show you where there are opportunities to improve the processes and enhance the likelihood of the employment transition’s long term success.

Anesthesia Staffing and Business Model Assessments

Increasingly, anesthesia departments are approaching hospitals for financial assistance. While the hospital wishes to keep operating rooms open and fully staffed, they also want objective corroboration that underwriting the cost of anesthesia services is warranted. We offer unbiased assessments of the many critical factors impacting anesthesia department profitability, and assist both organizations in reaching a fair and equitable resolution.

Chart Compliance Reviews

Now that your compliance program is in place, we can help you maintain that plan by conducting external reviews designed to gauge adherence to your policies as well as uncover overlooked revenues not currently being captured. Our experience designing over 30 anesthesia compliance plans speaks to our in-depth understanding of this area.

Productivity Compensation Models

Whether you’re a private practice struggling to equalize both daily work assignments and/or call, or a hospital searching for ways to enhance the productivity of your employed anesthesiologists, it may be time to consider an approach to compensation which is different than equal pay for equal work. We can help you analyze the nature of your practice, and design a compensation model that treats all members fairly regardless of where they are on the workload/quality of life continuum.

Managed Care Strategies for PHOs/Practice Plans

Minimizing the importance of separately crafted, unique contract payment clauses for your anesthesiologist members can backfire and cause a hospital’s anesthesia subsidy to swell unnecessarily. We can provide guidance to PHO/Practice Plan managed care directors who are looking for market rate data and unambiguous payment language to include in payor contracts specifically geared toward maximizing anesthesia reimbursement.

HIPAA and Medicare Compliance Strategies

Well-designed internal programs to ensure compliance with HIPAA and Medicare billing regulations will be your best defense should your anesthesia practice be targeted by federal or state regulatory agencies. Working closely with legal counsel (yours or ours), we tailor a program to your group's unique needs.

Optimal Staffing Analyses

We are often asked by groups and hospitals whether the operating rooms are optimally staffed with anesthesia personnel. The question is straightforward, but the answer, unfortunately, is not. "Optimal" staffing of any anesthesia department is not a magic number, but instead a perpetual cost/benefit analysis. Let us use our "staffing model" software to run various medical direction ratios, and demonstrate how anesthesia profitability can be greatly enhanced or weakened by different staffing models.

CRNA Employment Strategies

The debate over who should employ physician – extender anesthetists continues to rage. Due to the vagaries of billing for CRNA services, the answer may not always be straightforward. Let us objectively analyze the economic impact on both the hospital and the anesthesiologists of a change in the employment model to allow both parties to make educated business decisions.

Group Formations/Mergers/Affiliations

As economic and market pressures push anesthesiologists toward consolidations, there arises a critical need for a facilitator with anesthesia business expertise who is totally neutral to the situation. Our staff can help organize and synthesize the tremendous amount of information you'll need to assess the myriad alternatives and objectively make the right decisions. We will help manage and coordinate the logistics to ensure the consolidation project is effected smoothly and equitably to all parties.

RFP Design, Creation and Assessment

If creating an Anesthesia Services RFP for your facility, or responding to a facility’s Anesthesia Services RFP is the right strategic business decision at this juncture, allow us to assist in the process and ensure that all the salient points are addressed and critical factors weighed in the ultimate decision of which anesthesiology organization becomes the exclusive service provider.

Practice Benchmarking

Have you ever wondered how your anesthesia department “stacks up” against others? Our research files of numerous national surveys and our own database collected from working with more than 200 anesthesia departments around the country can provide you with comparative insights on such varied practice elements as staffing, productivity, vacation, call burden, payor mix, compensation, billing performance and more. We can help you settle any ongoing debate about what “other departments” are really like.

Tutoring New Anesthesia Administrators

More groups are hiring talented managers/administrators to help guide and direct the business side of their practice. But very few have any background in the unique aspects of the specialty. With over 22 years working in the anesthesia specialty, we have developed a 2-day course that focuses on what makes anesthesia different from other specialties. Why not invest in your new administrator and help them "hit the ground running."

Requests for Proposal (RFP’s)

Whether you're an anesthesia group looking for a new billing service, or a hospital looking for an exclusive anesthesia contractor, we can help you design an RFP that will effectively and accurately communicate your needs to potential service providers.

Requests for Proposal (RFP) Responses

If your anesthesia group is seriously considering expanding its service horizon by responding to a hospital or ASC's service RFP, a thorough and well articulated response can mean the difference between success and failure. We can help you present a professional and winning response.

Other Hospital Services

Our firm can be instrumental in helping your hospital better understand the business side of an anesthesia practice. We can serve as a knowledgeable yet independent, resource for both the anesthesia group and the hospital to help resolve any number of contentious issues.